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Community highlight of the Week

Posted 28-Feb-2012

Amongest the choas of a world dying, a new allicance of Empies arises and this week we would like to recognise them as our Highlight of the Week...


This week's leaderboards

Posted 27-Feb-2012

Here are the 8Realms leaderboards as of 09:00 GMT, Monday 27 February 2012.

What's in Store?

Posted 24-Feb-2012

We've just released brand new Store items to enhance your Empire. Check 'em out!


8Realms game update

Posted 23-Feb-2012

Hi everyone,

We'll be updating 8Realms shortly and the game will be briefly inaccessible....


Introducing Community Highlight of the Week

Posted 21-Feb-2012

Hello there, it’s your 8Realms Community Coordinators here!


From the Desk of Gary

Posted 17-Feb-2012

Hi everyone!

There's nothing I like more about Fridays than being able to write to all my friends out there in the 8Realms-o-sphere...

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